Terms and Conditions

 1 General Conditions and Definitions

 1.1 These Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) govern the use of online platform fintewor.com (“the Platform”).

 1.2 The Platform is owned and managed by Gredos OÜ, registry code 12172083 (“the Manager”).

 1.3 Users can use the Platform to post advertisements (“the Advertisement”) for performing work, providing services, finding an employee, or finding a service provider (“the Services”). Users can also use the Platform to see the Advertisements and to reply to them, e.g. by sending a resume or Service tender or query. While doing that, the Users can apply filters to search to find the Advertisements relevant to them. Natural persons can also build resumes. To use the Platform, one is required to register at the Platform and create a user account (“the User Account”). The user can edit and complement their profile (any kind of processing of data on the Platform, including activities mentioned in this clause, “Platform Use”).

 1.4 Platform user denotes every user who uses the Platform (“the User”). The User may be a legal person or a natural person.

 1.5 Service purchaser (“the Service Purchaser”) is the User who wishes to be provided with the Service, including under a contract of employment or a contract for the supply of services.

 1.6 Service provider (“the Service Provider”) is the User who wishes to provide the Service, including under a contract of employment or a contract for the supply of services.

 1.7 Privacy policy (“the Privacy Policy”) are the Manager’s privacy policy and principles relating to processing of personal data which are available on the Platform.

 2 Platform Use

 2.1 The User has the right to use the Platform only on their own behalf and the rights and obligations arising of this use, including the liability for compensation for possible damage, apply to the User. The User undertakes to keep their password confidential and notify the Manager immediately if the password might have become known to third persons. By using the Platform, the representative of a User who is a legal person confirms that they have a valid right of representation to represent the legal person. The User is forbidden from using the Platform for providing or mediating any services to a third person and from using the acquired data in a way that violates these Terms of Use.

 2.2 The User is obliged to publish only such information that is true and respects the rights of other persons. If it becomes known to the Manager that the information published on the Platform is untrue or violates the rights of other persons, the Manager has the right to remove such information from the Platform and the User is prohibited from publishing the same information on the Platform again.

 2.3 The User is forbidden from referring on the Platform to the possibility and from enabling to apply for a job or to exchange information elsewhere than on the Platform.

 2.4 The basic services that can be used on the Platform are free of charge. If the User wishes to use additional services, fees may apply (“the Fee”). The Fee shall be indicated in the price list published on the Platform or separately with the possibility to use a paid service. In the case of a paid service, the User assumes the obligation to pay the Fee starting from the moment they subscribe for the paid service. The Manager has the right to refuse to provide the paid service until the Fee has been paid.

 2.5 The Fee shall be non-refundable by the Manager even if the User decides to withdraw from using the paid service partly or in full or if providing the paid service is restricted or terminated due to violation of the Terms of Use.

 2.6 The Fee shall be payable within seven (7) calendar days as of subscribing to the paid service. The Manager issues an invoice regarding the Fee. Failure to receive the invoice shall not release the User from the obligation to pay the Fee.

 2.7 Any delay in the payment of the Fee shall give rise to the right of the Manager to charge from the User late payment interest 0.1% on the amount due for every calendar day the payment was delayed.

 3 Copyrights and Other Intellectual Property Rights

 3.1 All copyrights and related rights related to the Platform and information published therein (including the rights of the maker of database) belong to the Manager.

 3.2 The proprietary rights related to the information entered onto the Platform are deemed transferred to the Manager by entering the information onto the Platform.

 3.3 Everything displayed on the Platform, including, but not limited to, content, design, audio, photos, drawings, software, technological solution and other constituents are the property of the Manager. The User is forbidden from reproducing, distributing, transferring, translating, and extracting the property of the Manager, incorporating it into other databases or using it in any other similar way.

 4 Final Provisions

 4.1 By using the Platform, the User enters into an agreement with the Manager (“the Agreement”), with which the User undertakes to use the Platform in accordance with special agreements, the Terms of Use, and legislation, with the order of precedence being the following:

 4.1.1 special agreements;

 4.1.2 Terms of Use;

 4.1.3 legislation.

In addition, the Privacy Policy is deemed to be a part of the Agreement.

 4.2 By using the Platform the User confirms that they have read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and agree to them. The User consents to the processing of their personal data for the purposes set in the Privacy Policy.

 4.3 The User has the right to terminate the Agreement at any time by the way of closing their User Account. All the provisions that are inherently valid after the termination of the Agreement shall remain valid also after the Agreement has been terminated, and the termination of the Agreement does not release the User from fulfilling the obligations that have already been risen nor from their liability in the case of a violation.

 4.4 If a User misuses the Platform, the Manager has the right to restrict their use of the Platform or to close their User Account. In the case the Platform is used in a way which contradicts the Agreement, it is deemed to be misuse.  

 4.5 All notifications between the parties shall be given in a written form or by means capable of producing a written record. All notifications are deemed to be received by the relevant party as follows:

 4.5.1 by the User within three (3) calendar days as of sending the notification to the e-mail address or postal address the User has made public on their User Account, unless it is ascertained that the User received the notification at an earlier time. In the case the Agreement has been terminated, the e-mail address and postal address last made public by the User are deemed to be the User’s e-mail address and postal address unless the User has notified the Manager of another e-mail address and postal address;

 4.5.2 by the Manager within three (3) calendar days as of sending the notification to the Manager’s e-mail address the Manager has made public on the Platform, unless it is ascertained that the Manager received the notification at an earlier time.

 4.6 The Platform mediates only the Advertisements, not the Services themselves. The Manager is not a party to the agreements entered into for the purpose of providing the Services. The Manager holds no liability for the content of the Advertisements; the agreements entered into for the purpose of providing the Services; the provision, quality or deficiencies of the Services, remuneration for the Services, discrimination, change of conditions, occupational health and safety, damages, nor any other aspect of the Services, including their content or the performance or consideration received for the Services. Neither is the Manager liable for the qualifications, permits, licences, taxes, etc., public or otherwise, that are necessary for providing or ordering the Services.

 4.7 The User confirms that they are legally entitled to order or provide the Services.

 4.8 The Manager has not carried out backgrounds checks on the Users and is in no way liable for the information published by the Users.

 4.9 If a provision of the Agreement is invalid, unlawful, or non-enforceable in part or in full, it shall not affect the validity, lawfulness, or enforceability of the other provisions of the Agreement.

 4.10 Upon entering into and/or fulfilling the Agreement, the parties are governed by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

 4.11 The disputes arising from fulfilling the Agreement shall be settled by negotiations; if an agreement is not reached, they shall be settled in the Republic of Estonia, in Pärnu Courthouse of Pärnu County Court. For a User who is a consumer, the agreement regarding jurisdiction is valid if after entering into the agreement the User takes up residence in a foreign country or transfers their place of business or place of establishment there or if their place of business, place of residence, or place of establishment is not known at the time an action is filed. 

 4.12 The Manager is not liable for any interruption, change, disruption, etc. in the content or operation of the Platform, nor for any damage or loss arising out of or in connection with the aforementioned. If the Manager’s liability cannot be excluded due to mandatory rules, the Manager’s liability is limited to the sum of one hundred (100.00) euros.

 4.13 The Platform and the conditions of the Agreement are subject to change, the changes shall be effective upon them being published on the Platform. The User undertakes to remain updated with the changes.

 4.14 Non-public information disclosed to the parties in the course of fulfilling the Agreement is strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties. Departing from what is set in this clause is allowed only in cases provided for in the legislation, also to the extent necessary to fulfil the obligations set in the Agreement, on the premise that in that case the third party, to whom this information was disclosed to, is bound by similar confidentiality obligations.

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